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Offering a unique approach to pain management in the Chattanooga area, Wellness First encompasses two practices that work together in an effort to maximize each patient's pain relief.

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Wellness First Pain Management provides effective and compassionate pain management to individuals living with chronic pain.

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In order to help reduce patient’s pain even further, Wellness First Chattanooga provides evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) interventions, including massage therapy, yoga, therapeutic touch, and pain management skills groups.

The Wellness First DIFFERENCE

  • policies

    The Policies

    At Wellness First we strive to balance compassionate pain management with responsible prescribing. We take our responsibility very seriously but we also want to ensure that access to quality pain management remains available to those who need it.  From the time we opened in 2011, Wellness First has developed and utilized some of the strictest policies in the state – policies that go above and beyond what is required by state law. 

    Wellness First is certified as a Pain Management Clinic by the State of TN      (Facility License #0000566 Dated 09/08/2015)

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  • the care

    The Care

    Our patients tell us repeatedly that we treat them with more respect, compassion and care than any other pain management practice they’ve visited. Perhaps it’s because of our wonderful medical providers and staff, or perhaps it’s because the practice was founded by someone living with chronic pain.  We think it’s because we truly care for our patients and it shows in everything we do. 

    We invite you to come and see The Wellness First Difference.

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