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Alternative Therapies

At Wellness First we believe that successful pain management involves more than just a prescription.

  • Yoga
  • Group Support
  • Healthy Foods
  • Herbal Therapy

There are many different interventions that can help ease chronic pain and we strive to make those treatments available to our patients as part of their monthly visit.

Everything we offer at Wellness First has research demonstrating it’s effectiveness in reducing pain and improving quality of life and overall health, including:  Thermography, nutritional and dietary counseling, lymphatic drainage, massage therapy, and therapeutic touch/Reiki.  We also carry a selection of customized nutritional supplements that we offer to patients at our cost.

Patients are encouraged to participate in these interventions as part of their monthly visit. We do this to encourage patients to participate and to help patients understand that there are many ways they can decrease their pain other than prescription medication alone.  

If you are interested in additional information about these programs, please contact us at 423.825.4800.