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Our Policies

At Wellness First we strive to balance compassionate pain management with responsible prescribing.

  • Our Policies

Prescription drug abuse is a serious issue facing our country – and at the same time, there are an estimated 100 million people in the United States alone that suffer with chronic pain.  We take our responsibility very seriously but we also want to ensure that access to quality pain management remains available to those who truly need it. Our approach has been to implement some of the strictest policies in the state – policies that go above and beyond what is required by state law.  Examples of our policies include:

  • We not only give our patients a 12-panel drug screen every visit, we also have a staff member present to observe the test to ensure there is no tampering with the specimen
  • We review each patient’s Prescription Monitoring history every visit to ensure the patient is not “doctor-shopping”
  • We verify imaging to ensure its validity
  • We maintain a zero-tolerance policy in regard to positive drug screens for methamphetamines, cocaine, etc.

Although weeding out the drug-seekers, the doctor-shoppers, the drug-diverters and other non-legitimate pain patients takes additional time and effort, it is well worth the result:  creating a safe, secure environment in which legitimate pain patients are treated with respect and dignity rather than suspicion.  Additionally, we know that we are doing everything possible to achieve the difficult balance of responsible prescribing with ensuring pain patients continue to have access to care.

It’s important to note that despite these strict policies, our patients frequently tell us that we treat them with more respect, dignity and compassion than they have received elsewhere.  That’s part of what makes Wellness First a different kind of pain management.

A copy of our Pain Management Contract (which includes our policy on Urine Drug Screening) can be found with the New Patient paperwork here.

There are many different rules and laws in Tennessee that govern pain management clinics.  We have provided the links where this information can be found for those who may be interested.  The links included are for the Tennessee State law, the Tenneessee Department of Health rules for Pain Management Clinics and the recently released Practice Guidelines for the treatment of chronic pain, as well as instructions on how to check to see if a clinic is certified as a pain management clinic in Tennessee.

The original (2012) Tennessee state law governing pain management clinics can be found here:

The law was updated in 2013 and the changes can be found here:

The Tennessee Department of Health guidelines for pain management clinics are located here:

For information on Tennessee’s Clinical Practice Guidelines for Outpatient Management of Chronic Non-Malignant Pain, please go to:

To view the list of Tennessee State Certified Pain Clinics, go to:

Enter “Pain Management Clinics” under Facility Type, enter the county (Hamilton) and make sure “Search Current Licensed Facilities” is checked.  It is not necessary to enter the name of the clinic.